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SHEMSI Sdn Bhd was formed in 1998 to bring together the consultancy, training and auditing expertise in environmental and occupational health and safety management systems held within AVTEQ Consulting Services Australia and QAI Sdn Bhd Malaysia and to offer this expertise to clients within Malaysia and other S.E. Asian countries.

Since its formation SHEMSI has worked with both Malaysian and international clients in a variety of product and service sectors but primarily in the areas of health, safety, security and the environment to improve their overall organisational performance. More latterly our work has moved towards assisting clients to see their business responsibilities in a broader perspective that encompasses social and other responsibility. Our expertise in health, safety, security and environment has provided a sound basis from which to make the transition to assisting clients working towards demonstrating corporate (social) responsibility.

SHEMSI’s competitive advantage in these fields lies in its ability to adapt knowledge and understanding gained through working with overseas multi national clients and to apply this economically, efficiently and effectively in local circumstances.


SHEMSI’s mission is to assist clients to operate their business in a cost effective and competitive way that causes the least impact on the health, safety, and security of their employees and the environment.

We achieve this by encouraging our clients to look proactively at their potential and actual health, safety and security risks and environmental impacts and adopt innovative and practical solutions to eliminate, prevent, reduce or ameliorate their risks.


Our vision is to work with clients who see the sustainability of their business and society as inseparable in terms of social, economic and environmental responsibility and be perceived as their consultant of choice in these fields.


Our values include acting with integrity in our dealings with clients and our staff, only undertaking client assignments for which we have or are able to obtain appropriate expertise and providing our clients with valuing adding services at a fair and reasonable cost.


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